Here is our family.


Each generation, fathers pass down copies of their Y chromosomes to their sons essentially unchanged. Between generations, the matching chromosomes in the other 22 pairs make contact and exchange segments of DNA. This process shuffles the genetic information that is passed down from parent to child, making it difficult to trace genealogy over many generations. Except for two tiny sections at the chromosome’s tips, however, the Y skips this step. Instead, a nearly identical copy is handed down each time.

It tells the story of our family…

The Wise parternal genetics are the most common paternal lineage in people of indigenous Siberian descent, but it probably only arrived in Siberia within the last 3,000 years, although it appears our ancestors followed the direction of the red arrow above.

In the last 500 years, our ancestors settled in the Bavaria region of Germany and some also migrated to the British Isles in the London area. Here is our timelines…

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